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Manage down your Company's energy costs

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Over 60% of businesses have unknowingly overpaid for electric power and natural gas.


XpenseSolutions identifies and corrects utility and energy service costs, saving you time and money. 

Our free energy review provides a solution to lower your energy expense and to increase your bottom line.


  • It’s estimated that 80% of utility and service billing    statements contain errors.

  • Assessing your business’ past payments, contracts, agreements, and document history can find potential for savings, helping you avoid issues with your budget.​

XpenseSolutions has navigated the ebbs and flows of the different energy markets since 2005.

  • We work to understand your energy needs including price, consumption, and payments.

  • We develop a customized solution for your business to help manage down the cost of energy.

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John Verdile, President of XpenseSolutions

Over 30 years of experience in energy 


What clients are saying about XpenseSolutions:

" The Ogelbay Norton Company, with a $75,000,000 combined energy expense, consists of over twenty operating locations with de-centralized purchasing and account payable functions. With XpenseSolutions help, we first addressed our supply side procurement to clarify what and who we were buying from. We then established purchasing plans for the various energy commodities that allowed us to quickly take advantage of favorable market changes. The second phase addressed demand side issues to identify opportunities to reduce consumption. We were able to complete several projects that reduced our demand with minimal capital investments. The result of the two-phased approach produced significant cost saving and operating cost reductions equating to over $6,000,000 in share holder value."

                                                                                                             Carl W. Naso, Corporate Operations Controller

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